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General Questions

The minimum we can give is Ksh. 50,000 and the maximum we can lend is Ksh. 10,000,000.

The installment amount and due date will be clearly stated on the loan agreement.

Yes, we do thoroughly, on all the three CRBs CREDIT INFO, TRANSUNION AND METROPOL, but in case you are listed we shall still give you the loan but increase the interest rate slightly to fit your need.

One must be over 18years of age and has an ID. also must have a security (LOGBOOK OR TITLE DEED) registered in their name.

About Jijenge Credit Limited

Jijenge Credit Limited

6th flr Suits 604/605 |Town House | Kaunda Street | CBD | Nairobi, Kenya P.O. Box 9578 – 00200 Nairobi

  • Logbook Loans
  • Asset Financing
  • Bidbonds
  • Loans on Developed properties
  • Loans on rental properties

After Application what next?

You can apply any time on our website or mobile Appp.

You will receive your loan immediately the process is complete.

Kindly get in touch with us so that you are given the rate subjected to the amount of time meant for repayment.

What you qualify for depends with the value of your asset subjected to evaluation.

About Offers on Loans

Its subjected to discussion and willingness of the client. However an offer should be taken when offered.

You can do this via standing Orders at your bank, you’ll be given our details after loan disbursement.

After you have approved

There are no hidden charges