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The Puppet Hub

The Kenya Institute of Puppet Theatre,   Kitengela Glass, Dr Eric Krystall/Nani Croze  and Project HAND UP are in the process of building a live puppetry entertainment and education centre to be called The Puppet Hub, Kitengela.

The puppet Centre/Hub is being built next to Kitengela Glass in Kajiado County. It will be a hub of puppetry activities including training, live performances, mentorship, internship and international exchange programmes with a focus on mobilizing edutainment teams across East Africa.

It is a dream come true to institutions of higher learning who have been looking for placement for their students pursuing media and performing arts and who want to major in puppet theatre.

In an area of the world where art is a key instrument of change, this center along with its cooperating organizations is poised to contribute immensely in the development of the region. Already;

Nani Croze has donated an acre piece of land where The Puppet Hub will be built. She has also offered her architectural support in the construction of the Puppet Theatre Auditorium.

Dr Eric Krystall, Nani Croze and KIPT are is offering their time and skill to fund raise towards the construction of the centre.

The Kenya Institute of Puppet Theatre has created a travelling puppetry performance dubbed The Last Man Standing, a world class performance to tour the world in fundraising toward the construction of the puppet centre.

Project HAND UP from the USA will provide on-site training and administration personnel and has offered $1,500 toward a 40ft container for KIPT to temporarily use as storage and rehearsal space for puppeteers who have already moved to the site located at Kitengela Glass.   

We are inviting you to be among the first sponsors, funders, advertisers and promoters to be featured at the Puppet Hub. We are seeking any kind of support including financial, materials and technical.    For more information contact