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Puppetry Training / Capacity Building

This is an on-going programme that targets individuals, CBOs, NGOs, private sector, schools, institutions of higher learning, children homes and hospitals among others. The training modules include Basic Puppetry Training, Advance Puppetry Training and Trainer of Trainers Puppetry Training Courses.

We have trained over 500 puppeteers in Kenya that are attached to various NGOs,  Hospitals, School and in communities supported by various embassies, NGOs, Schools, Private Sector etc. We have also trained and initiated puppetry/Folk media programs in Nigeria (Netherland Leprosy Relief) , Southern Sudan (Aktion Afrika Hilfe/Institute of Civil Society),  Eritrea (Royal Netherland Embassy), Uganda (TASO/MOH/CDC) , Liberia (Merlin/UNFPA) among others. If you want training in puppetry to enhance your work, get in touch with us.

  1. Past Training


  • Puppets Against HIV and AIDS – Collaborative Project with Project Hands Up (USA) Supported by Rotary International – 2014 – 2016
  • Elimination of Human Trafficking Through Participatory Interactive Puppetry (PIP) Performance – International Rescue Committee (IRC) – 2016
  • Training Youth in Refugee Dadaad Camp on the use of puppetry as a life skill in addressing adolescent reproductive health issues – Save The Children – 2015
  • Training of Care Leavers as puppeteers to advocate for the rights orphans – Kenya Society of Care Leavers – 2013
  • Puppetry training for MCH – community mobilization, sensitization and education – Merlin International (UK) – Liberia 2012.
  • Therapeutic Puppetry Programme – Hospital based puppetry (training of nurses in therapeutic puppetry/weekly performances in cancer/orthopedic ward at KNH – Embassy of Israel – 2010.
  • Puppetry as teaching aid/tool for lower classes/ kindergarten in public/private schools – KISE, KIE, Department of Culture and  Embassy of Finland – 2007 – 2010
  • TOT Puppetry /Folk Media Training – Advocating for the rights of people affected by Leprosy – Netherland Leprosy Relief Nigeria – 2010
  • Puppetry /Object Theatre as an alternative teaching tool for teachers and pupil in education and communication (Uganda and Kenya) – British Council – 2009
  • TOT Puppetry/Folk Media Training for Behaviour Change Communication –The Aids Support Organization ( TASO) / Strengthening HIV/AIDS Counsellor Training (SCOT) Project ( MOH/USAID) – Uganda – 2009.
  • Puppetry /Folk Media Training – Advocating for the rights of people affected by leprosy – Netherland Leprosy Relief  – Nigeria – 2009
  • Beginners Puppetry and Folk media training for Behaviour Change Communication – The Aids Support Organization ( TASO) / Strengthening HIV/AIDS Counsellor Training (SCOT) project (MOH/USAID) – Uganda – 2008