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The Kenya Institute of Puppet Theatre (KIPT) organizes the bi- annual International Puppetry Festival “IPfest” Kenya.  IPFest Kenya was first organized and held in Kenya in 2002 under Community Health Awareness Puppeteers (CHAPS) Programme.  IPFest is the only international puppetry festival in the world calendar from East and Central Africa.

Sponsors of the previous festivals included embassies of Finland, Hungary, Poland and Israel, County Government of Nairobi, Project Hands Up (USA), Alliance Francaise, The Kenya National Library Services, The Kenya Cultural Centre, Artist Forum International, Buni Media, Africa Digital Media Institute,  Lene/Leif from Denmark, Ford Foundation, the Goethe Institute, the Prince Claus Fund, the French Cultural Centre and Africalia, the Barclays Bank and Kitengela Glass among other

The festival features diverse presentations through workshops, exhibitions and performances by teams from various parts of the world.