About Our Company

KIPT aims to:

Who We Are

-> Create, teach and be taught, produce, market and share puppet theatre with communities in Kenya and the rest of the world.

-> Make puppet theatre accessible to everybody, especially the disenfranchised whose social circumstances restrict them to access theatre and other art education and entertainment forms. XHTML and CSS.

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-> Encourage creativity, improve puppetry skills, and enhance the quality of puppet theatre performances by exposing Kenyan and African puppeteers and audiences to contemporary puppetry techniques, skills andprofessional performances.

-> Tutor young disadvantaged youth for a professional career in puppetry

-> Network and collaborate with other theatre institutions, companies and artists in Kenya, Africa and the world in the furtherance of its vision.

-> Cooperate with other art supporting and art friendly organizations around the globe in pursuance of its objectives, development of puppet theatre and promotion of social development and equity
for all the people of the world.