Philosophy + Vision = Mission

       KIPT is an informal, not-for-profit puppet and folk media community based theatre institute founded and registered in Kenya in 2006. It is based in Nairobi.

It was founded by a team of puppet theatre practitioners out of the need to harness the puppet and folk media theatre experiences in the growing endeavor to have performing arts, theatre and puppet theatre in particular, respected professions in Kenya, the East African region, Africa and the world as a whole.

It is the first informal institution in East and Central Africa that has recognized and focuses on puppetry as a media for social change. It is dynamic, innovative and creative community based company that uses puppetry and folk media to teach life skills.

Philosophy: Its founding philosophy is that theatre is a light that is important to create faith, hope and inspire community development.

Vision: KIPT’s vision is to light the way and build a bridge between theatre arts, culture and community development in Kenya, Africa and the world.

Mission: KIPT’s mission is to develop and promote puppet theatre art, as well as other forms of performing arts, for aesthetics, education, social awareness and human development in Kenya and the rest of the world.

The enhancement of an empowering alternative education and communication strategy for community development through theatre and the exchange and dissemination of experiences form the core business of KIPT.


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